Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deconstruction: The Avengers Teaser Trailer

Last week, at a special screening of Captain America: The First Avenger a teaser trailer for the superhero show next year, The Avengers appeared after the first Avenger end credits. Although he did not give much away, it was successfully able to generate an insane amount of excitement for the film showing next year, Warner Bros how it's done when it comes to teasers their superhero movies.

Unlike the trailer for Warner Bros. The Dark Knight Rises, Marvel was willing to give fans a firsthand look at all the characters of the Avengers in the suit. Unfortunately I am unable to load the trailer that Disney is quick to download, but I can say is that the costumes are a mix of styles Ultimate/616.

Steve Rogers, the trailer began punching, punching bag when it comes to Nick Fury walks to do, who do not actually find what is fact. Then the music starts, and we dealt with some nice photos of Iron Man, Thor (Ultimate mix of medication and the Ages of Thunder), Black Widow (Iron Man 2 costumes), Hawkeye (Ultimate) and Bruce Banner.

We were then shown the first glimpse of The Avengers in the same room as Nick Fury was talking to Tony Stark, Captain America was in a sitting position. Thor was leaning against a wall, and we also got a first look at Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. I do not remember if the Incredible Hulk were presented, but I guarantee if he was in the trailer was not anything special. Cue a lot of shooting action, as is Jeremy Renner Hawkeye shoots anything that causes an explosion, Scarlett Johansson in action as the Black Widow and Iron Man flies into the air, with Thor throws his hammer to reveal the logo Avengers May 2012.

It would be one more teaser trailers I've ever seen. Again, unlike the trailer for Warner Bros. The Dark Knight Rises, Marvel gave fans something new to be excited. No images have been reused, and seeing all the costumed characters just to show what is surprising that the film The Avengers is really going on. The trailer was very revealing? No, we do not know anything specific about the plot (unless you have read the script stolen from Samuel L. Jackson). We have not seen much interaction between the characters, so any specific character sub-plots, like the surprise of Tony Stark to meet the super soldier always spoke of his father to remain a surprise.

I have to give Marvel. We really worked hard to build this film based on the claim only, it seems almost certain to pay. Just to see the teaser online home for the flight alone is staggering.